Grocery Shopping

When you’ve rented your Villa or Suite as your home-away-from-home in Halkidiki, the last thing you want to think about is finding the nearest supermarket, stocking the fridge, or translating your shopping list into Greek! This is where Ermia services come into the picture, a lifesaver for holidaying foodies. Having received a prior notice, we can always go shopping during your stay or even prior to your visit, making your holidays easier and more comfortable. As a result, you may also find a sample of your shopping list in your villa. Just inform your Service Assistant and your grocery will be sent directly to your place. We shop at local stores and we always try our best to accommodate any special requests, concerning food and beverage preferences, dietary restrictions, food allergies, etc., provided that you let us know ahead of time. For our grocery shopping, we only charge the cost of the groceries plus a 10% service fee. If you would like to inspect the receipts from the supermarket, we always keep them for you. If you have a budget for your groceries, please advise us ahead of time in order for us to take this into our consideration.

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